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Why Use A Card Guard, Card Protector, Card Capper or Card Cover & How I acquired the Name 'SKULLMAN'.

It is NOT until your 'Pocket' Cards (Texas Hold'em) have mistakenly been 'MUCKED', that you realise the IMPORTANCE of a CARD GUARD also known as CARD PROTECTOR. CARD CAPPER or CARD COVER.

Some Players place their Card Guard on their Chip Stack, whilst others, like myself, place it on their ‘Pocket’ cards i.e. the two cards dealt ‘face down’ to each of the Players.

One thing is for sure, if you are seated to the IMMEDIATE LEFT or IMMEDIATE RIGHT of the dealer, you should most definitely use a CARD GUARD. I learned the hard way! Whilst playing in a high value Buy-In Tournament at the Bellagio, Las Vegas. I was in seat 1 i.e. to the IMMEDIATE left of the Dealer. I was ‘under the gun’ i.e. sitting in the seat after the Big Blind and I was dealt Pocket 10’s. I raised pre flop and there was a ‘caller’ in Seat 6 and the Small Blind re-raised. I called the re-raise, as did the Player in Seat 6. The Flop was Ace 10 4. Again the player in the Small Blind position made a bet of approximately 75% of the Chips already in the Pot & I just called the Bet, as did the Player in Seat 6.Whilst I had been watching what action was taking place by the other 2 Players, after having placed my bet, I had NOT noticed the Dealer pull my two cards into the Dead Cards. Unfortunately, the rules of Poker state that once your cards ‘hit’ the Dead cards, your hand is ‘Dead’. Whilst I declared my annoyance to the Dealer, there was nothing further I could do. If I had a Card Guard over my Pocket Cards, the likelihood is that my 2 Cards would NOT have been taken by the Dealer and I would have gone on to win a very big Pot, as the 2 other players, played & bet to the River and I would have had the Winning Hand.

Things from then on, went from bad to worse and I was quickly eliminated from the Tournament.

Perhaps you should Google 'ESTELLE DENIS vs. J C TRAN' at the WSOP. It more than justifies the reason that Card Guard's should be used by ALL Poker Player's.

Perhaps at some future date, a RULING will be made, stating that all Players should use some form of Card Guard, so as to STOP Players covering their Pocket Cards with their Hands, thus enabling the game to play-out in an orderly and calm manner!

Remember, the 'Heavier' the Card Guard, the LESS likelyhood of your Pocket Cards being thrown into the Muck inadvertantly!

Those of you who have picked-up and  held the SKULLMAN Card Guard that I presently use in Tournaments, will know exactly what I am talking about.


I was married to a Mexican and have 3 lovely daughter's. When we got divorced, my ex. moved to Mexico with my 3 daughter's, the eldest being 16 at the time. This was pre. FACETIME & SKYPE etc. Whilst I would talk to the 3 of them regularly by telephone, I only got to see them 3 or 4 times a year. Whilst I know that they missed me, the bonus for the 3 Girls was that when they did get to see me, they would shop until 'I dropped'. It was during a Christmas Carribean Cruise that we had an 8 hour stop over in Key West.

Whilst walking down Duval Street, one of my daughter's asked if they could take a look around a shoe store that we were walking past? As she pointed out the shoe store to me, I noticed that there was a Jewellery store next door, which I said I would brouse around whilst they looked for shoes. As I walked towards the Jewellery Store, my eyes were immediately 'drawn' to a large Silver SKULL in the window shop front. I knew if I were to buy and wear it as a necklace, that it would most deffinitely ANNOY the 3 of them! I bought the Silver SKULL and also a thick Silver Necklace and walked out of the store proudly wearing it.

I was already standing outside the shoe store when my 3 daughters made their exit. As all 6 eyes fell upon the SKULL necklace, they said in harmony "we are NOT walking around with you wearing that thing around your neck!" I said that I was going to wear the Skull and Necklace for the remaining 12 days of the Cruise, knowing that there were a further 5 'Ports of Call' i.e. a further 5 shopping jaunts still to endure. As the Cash & Credit Card 's were in my pocket, I knew that they would have no choice but to stay close to my side. 

As the 4 of us walked down the street, I immediately noticed that I was getting strange looks from almost everyone that walked past me. The best was yet to come. For those of you that have been on a large Cruise Liner, you will know how long you have to wait for an Elevator to arrive. When one does eventually arrive, everyone tries to squeeze into it like a Can of Sardines. As we boarded the Ship, several remarks were made by the Cabin Crew Security Staff about the SKULL and Necklace but I took it all in good humour. After waiting 5 minutes for the '3 sided Glass Elevator' to arrive, the 4 of us entered it with numerous other passengers. I was once again very conscious that I was getting strange looks and could hear people talking about my new purchase!

Facing me in the Elevator, was a Father & Mother with their 2 kids aged about 5 & 7 years old. I noticed the 5 year old boy tugging on his Father's trouser's and pointing up at me and saying "look at the SKULLMAN, look at the SKULLMAN" and so the name SKULLMAN was born. The regularity of strange gestures, looks and discussions continued for the following 12 days and became a talking point amongst many of the ship's passenger's, during the rest of the voyage. Nothing has changed, as I still get the strange looks when ever I wear the SKULL and Necklace.

On a more positive note, I have entered into conversations with many interesting people, whom I would have never have had the opportunity of meeting, had it not been for my wonderful SKULL Necklace!