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Most Card Guards on the market retail on average around £12.99. We at strive to get the best quality and designs for the best price possible to the poker player.

Our team of designers come up with designs which are used to make a 3D image ready for laser casting. The first cast often called a ‘Briquette’ is examined for quality and the moulds refined. Once the best quality has been achieved we run 1000 pieces and plate in our chosen metal. Worth noting again that we only do LIMITED pieces, 1000 of each design and each piece is numbered. Once there gone their gone !

Each item is packaged in a metal tin which is well protected with plastic and cloth. They make excellent gifts and some people go the extra mile by taking their Card Guard to a local engravers for further engraving on the back. We retail each item which is 4.5 cm in diameter for £8.99 (+ P&P)

As has grown in size we are often approached by some of the big Online and Land based Casino’s to produce bespoke items for their customers or Dealer Buttons for their actual Land Based Poker Tables. Some of the companies we have worked with include William Hill, Gentings Poker and bWin to name but a few.

Welcome to Bluffer Poker Coins.  We have created an entire line of poker card guards to fit every player.  If you've been looking and looking for the perfect card guard to fit you, look no further.  We've made it.  Whatever your favorite pocket pair is, you can find it in our "Wired" collection.  No matter which hand is yours, we have it.  We also have a variety of other starting hands.  Starting with the 7 2 off suit, All In coin and continuing with "I Love Jack King Off", the "River Rat" coin, The "K9" coin, "But They Were Suited!" and the "Nobody Cares What You Folded" coin.  Check out our pictures to see the outstanding graphic design of our coins.  We will be adding new designs to our collection regularly.  All of our coins are made of a heavy metal and are individually hand painted.  You will not be disappointed.

Own a piece of poker history! At Best Poker Coins we take pride in offering limited edition collectible memorabilia from major poker tournaments for sale to the public. Our collection consists of unique, one-of-a-kind card guards and dealer buttons, with many invaluable serialized and event played pieces, sure to be a hit with poker players, collectors and enthusiasts.