BARGE IX, PRESTO IRWIN? (Silver Coloured) Poker Card Guard

Ref: 202A
Official Card Guard
Details: BARGE, THE ORLEANS 1999
Casino: BARGE
Location: LAS VEGAS, USA
Date: Aug 6 - 9, 1999
Thanks to: Ross Poppel, Marlton, N.J.

Big August Rec. Gambling Excursion (B.A.R.G.E.)

The Annual Event takes place in Las Vegas in August.

Ross Poppel is well known on the BARGE and ATLARGE circuit and advised me that:

“I’ve won quite a few events.  In fact I think I am either the 2nd or 3rd place for the all around lifetime.  I’ve been playing ATLARGE since 1996 and BARGE since about 1998.  I don’t play all the different events (there is/was a California one and a Connecticut one) and even the BARGE events I don’t play each tournament”.

B.A.R.G.E. is an organization of a diverse group of poker players, many of who have strong technological backgrounds. Most of its members reside in North America, although that is not a requirement. While we take poker seriously, and can boast of several World Champions amongst our members, we strive promote the fun side of poker. We remain respectful of fellow players and poker staff at all times, and try to promote the game of poker by educating those who seek a better understanding as well as trying to set a good example when it comes to proper conduct at the tables. We meet officially once each year in Las Vegas and our members also participate in several East Coast regional outings throughout the year. These are known as ATLARGE and FARGO. Please feel free to visit our website at

BARGE IX, PRESTO IRWIN? (Silver Coloured) Poker Card Guard
BARGE IX, PRESTO IRWIN? (Silver Coloured) Poker Card Guard
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