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Skullman Card Guard Collection

Since I started playing Texas Hold’em, I have always been fascinated by the CARD GUARD’S that Player’s have used. This ‘interest’ has grown into an obsession and with the help of Global Poker Market Manager’s, Casino Poker Manager’s, Manufacturer’s and friends, I have been able to gradually build up the collection that you now see.

Apart from Player’s using Officially issued Poker Card Guard’s, I have seen them using Lucky Charms, framed Photographs of their Children, Cartoon Characters, Coins & Medals etc. I have displayed the Card Guard’s in 3 Categories i.e. OFFICIAL, UNOFFICIAL and BESPOKE. All of them make the Poker Table more colourful but one should NOT forget the IMPORTANCE of what the CARD GUARD represents and serves to the Player, if used CORRECTLY!

Please make sure that you read the section on ‘WHY USE A CARD GUARD’.

May I once again THANK each and everyone of you, who have spent the time in looking through cupboards and drawers for me and also collected Poker Card Guards from Past and Recent Tournaments that you have organised, held or played in. Without you, it would NOT have been possible to present the CARD GUARD GALLERY.

Gerald a.k.a. SKULLMAN

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